Belvidere, Illinois
Evangelical Covenant Church


Sharing   the   good   news   of   Jesus   Christ   in   our   community   and   around   the   world   has always   been   an   important   focus   of   our   congregation.      Currently   we   are   partnering   with the   following   missionaries   in   this   effort   through   our   financial   gifts   and   prayers.      To learn more about Covenant World Missions and areas being served click here . PAUL   AND   SHERYL   NOREN   --   After   spending   10   years   in   Congo   with   the   Paul   Carlson Medical   Foundation,   the   Norens   were   commissioned   by   the   Covenant   for   missions   work   in Congo   in   1989.      Since   then,   they   have   served   in   Congo,   Cameroon   and   Central   African Republic,   with   a   focus   on   discipleship,   ministry   to   women   and   children,   and   agricultural   and village development. CATHY   CAMPOBELLO   was   commissioned   by   the   Covenant   as   a   career   missionary   to a   country   in   SOUTH   AMERICA   in   1990   to   serve   in   the   area   of   church   planting   and discipleship.      Currently   Cathy   is   working   with   the   Covenant   Kids   Foundation,   a   ministry to   impoverished   and   needy   children,   providing   food,   medicine,   dental   care,   counseling, and   education   in   a   safe   environment.      Most   hear   about   Jesus   for   the   first   time   as   the gospel is shared with them. JIM   AND   HYDI   PETERSON   were   commissioned   by   the   Covenant   as   missionaries   in   JAPAN   in   1993.      Jim   teaches   at the   Covenant   Seminary   in Tokyo   and   is   also   overseeing   the   ministry   at Akagi   Bible   Camp    in   Gunma.      Hydi   has   a   sports ministry, using her skills in tennis to build relationships through which she can share the gospel. DOUG   AND   SHERRIE   ANDERSON   -   live   in   Smithers,   British   Columbia,   CANADA,   where   Doug   is   serving   as   the Canadian   Field   Director   for   UIM   International.      In   addition   to   overseeing   UIM   staff,   Doug   is   ministering   among   the native   people   at   Kyah   Bible   Fellowship   and   is   involved   in   the   ministry   of   Rock   Nest   Ranch ,   an   area   camp   serving children, teens and adults. CHUCK   AND   JOY   GOERTZEN   have   been   in   full   time   ministry   with   Campus   Crusade   since   1994   and   are   now ministering to International students on collge campuses in Colorado through Bridges International , a ministry of CRU. LINDA   WOODS   has   been   serving   with   Campus   Crusade   since   1993.      She   is   working   with   International   students   in Florida   through   Bridges   International ,   as   well   as   helping   to   train   and   support   other   staff   being   sent   overseas   in language development. BILL   AND   DONNA   WOODS   are   former   members   of   our   congregation   who   have   been   serving   with   Campus   Crusade since   1973.      They   are   in   Colorado,   working   with   the   Campus   Crusade   Global   Resources   Center,   teaching   lay   people how to share their faith in Christ and leading short term missions trips overseas. As   a   congregation,   we   are   sponsoring   three   children   through   Covenant   Kids   Congo,   which   is   a   partnership   between   the Covenant   Church   and   World   Vision   designed   to   address   the   needs   of   families   and   villages   in   Northwest   Congo,   one   of the   most   impoverished   areas   of   the   world.      Sponsorships   provide   food,   medical   care,   education,   access   to   clean   water, and village economic development. We    also    support    Covenant    World    Relief,    a    ministry    which    is reaching   out   to   the   poorest   of   the   poor   in   over   30   countries   around
the   world,   bringing   help   and   hope   to   the   hurting   in   the   name   of Jesus.      Covenant   World   Relief   provides   emergency   assistance   in response   to   natural   disasters   and   is   involved   in   long-tern   projects focusing   on   education,   health,   and   economic   development.      Aid   is channeled   through   local   churches   and   partner   organizations   and comes with a Christian witness.